Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Damned to Screen in Paris this Fall

This Fall, "New Rose", Joe Rees/TargetVideo77's piece on the classic, first wave punk band, the Damned, will screen in Paris as part of the "Europunk" exhibit at the Cité de la Musique.  The museum is located in the La Villette Quarter of the 19th arrondissement.  Looks like Public Image Ltd and the Buzzcocks will be playing as well at the end of October.  We hope to set up another Target show outside the museum atmosphere that will be a full TargetVideo77 tour through American and European classic punk rock.  We'd love to do a club show with a touring band of like mind.  That's what works best for the audience, we think. Any old schoolers out there touring??  Let us know if you will be in Paris....


  1. Hey Jackie! Doubt you remember me - my friend Peter and I came around Target way back when I was working at One Pass I think. Helped you guys out getting video cameras to sync so you could edit without tearing your hair out - and then just screwed off after that. Some great times tho - hope all is well... Jim

  2. Everything is great, Jim. Of course I remember you. Haven't done SoCal shows this year. Keep in touch.

  3. a message for Joe Rees.
    A long time ago, we met in SF, then one or two times in Paris.
    I found in my archives the radio show I did with Gérard Drecq about the city, and punk music as well Target Video.
    You will find excerpts posted on my blog titled "beyond the coda".
    These files are just 35 years old !!!
    Ha ha ha !!!
    I send you my best wishes.
    Jean Jacques Palix

    here are the links:



    1. What a great record of a wild day. So incredible that this exists. The day was a punk field trip with a party. Remember it well... and the wedding cake fight I got into with Biafra at the studio. Jackie