Friday, December 30, 2011

Annie Wharton Galley show closes Jan. 13th

TargetVideo's exhibit at the Annie Wharton Gallery in West Hollywood will be closing on Friday, Jan. 13, 2012.  Don't miss you chance to view Target's work in this unique gallery setting.  Two installations of single channel video present two of the many, varied viewing experiences Target has engaged in over the decades.  The first is a large wall projection surrounded by ephemera from the period.  The second is  a black room with a couch that plays only Black Flag videos.  Yes, the TV party approach.  Included in a wall of punk posters are large format prints pulled from select TargetVideo's.  These are for sale through the gallery.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Big Live Punk Show at MOCA in January, 2012

The Avengers/TargetVideo77

X,  the Dead Kennedys and the Avengers will play a one night, "member's only" concert at Geffen/MOCA in downtown LA on January 28, 2012. The show's outside, and January's pretty cold in LA. Let's hope for good weather and a warm coat.  It will be an outstanding night of classic punk!

If you want buy tickets you need to be a member of MOCA, but joining is easy.  

Go to for more details and to buy tickets.  When you click on the buy tickets button they will let you join if you are not already a member.  

The galleries will be open that night and you can check out TargetVideo77's great exhibit in the museum and pieces by others including Mark Pauline and Raymond Pettibon.  Be there!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Greats at MOCA's "Under the Big Black Sun"

Mark Pauline, Alan Scarritt & Joe Rees back together again!
The opening for MOCA's "Under the Big Black Sun" exhibition in downtown LA brought together three Bay Area greats after many years.  Mark Pauline thrilled onlookers with demonstrations of his creation while Joe and Alan discussed the bands in the TargetVideo77 piece as well as old times back in the neighborhood.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MOCA Exhibit: "Under the Big Black Sun"

"Crossroads" (1976) Bruce Conner

The Member's opening for this great exhibit is Friday, September 30 at 8pm.  It's at Geffen/MOCA in Little Tokyo in downtown LA. The TargetVideo77 piece is going to be great.  You've got plenty of time to become a member of MOCA so that you can get the invite to this pre-opening event. Special guests, dj's etc.  If you become a member you'll be set for special announcements and events surrounding the show until it's close in February 2012.  Believe me, you'll kick yourself if you don't become a member!  JOIN MOCA NOW!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MOCA: "Under the Big Black Sun: Art in California 1974-1981"

Well it's been a nice summer but get ready for a blast of fall!  

Opening October 1, 2011 is a huge exhibit on California art mounted at Geffen/MOCA in Los Angeles. "Under the Big Black Sun: Art in California 1974-1981" will exhibit over 100 artists from California including TargetVideo77, Mark Pauline/SRL and our old friend, Bruce Connor.  It will blow everyone away.

Look forward to a great Target installation. The member's opening is September 30th and will surly be a huge blowout! Be there! Better yet, become a MOCA member to assure your spot!

Friday, April 29, 2011

SRQ Radio interview from Sarasota Film Festival

Joe Rees, Jill Hoffman, Jackie Sharp of Target Video sit down with Ann Corchoran of SRQ Radio at the 2011 Sarasota Film Festival.  Andy Schwartz, editor of the NY Rocker joins in the discussion as well.

More Sarasota Film Festival coverage...

Click on the link above....

Interview with Radio SRQ at the Sarasota Film Festival

Join Target Video's Joe, Jill, Jackie and Andy Schwartz of the New York Rocker for an interview/discussion on the three nights of Target Video programming at the Sarasota Film Festival!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Sarasota International Film Festival

In April, 2011, Target Video will present hours of footage from its archive at the 2011 Sarasota International Film Festival in Sarasota, Florida.  “Futility Is Resistance: Treasures for the Target Video Archive (1977-1984)” is spread across three evenings and the shows will represent several geographical areas: Los Angeles, New York and Europe and San Francisco.  The shows will focus on bands and the activities Target was involved with during the art and punk music scene of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  The shows will include legendary bands like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and X with nugget treasures like Snuky Tate, Nash the Slash and John Cooper Clarke.  Be there for three nights of feature length shows April 14 (Los Angeles) April 15 (NY/Europe) and April 16 (San Francisco.)  All shows start at 9:15 pm at the Regal Hollywood 20 theater, 1993 Main Street, Sarasota, Florida.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

X "Your Phone's Off the Hook"

X © TargetVideo77

Here's a Target clip of X back in August, 1980.  They always delivered a great show and do so to this day!  We'll be posting official clips in the future so stay tuned!