Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jackie's Target party

Jimmy Wilsey and Penelope Houston. Photo Jackie Sharp.

Well, it was Jackie & Jill's birthdays...Joe was in town...friends were in LA for the Getty show hell, "Let's have a little Target Party!" While it could never match the huge parties of the past, it was really great and we all had a blast. Flipper was in town for the Getty show and their gigs at the House of Blues. Penelope Houston decided to stay over for the party too. We were so glad she did! Others that came: Cliff Roman, Edward Stapleton, Michael Ullencott, Hector Pinolosa, Paul Roessler, Chip & Tony Kinman, Jimmy Wilsey, Brendan Mullen, Michael Ostendorf, Alan Korn, Bill Anderson and many folks who's names are swimming still in my brain....