Thursday, May 9, 2013

LISTEN TONIGHT! Tony Kinman on WSLR "Spirit of Punk" radio show

Hey!  Listen to Jill Hoffman's radio show tonight on WSLR!

Tonight, May 9, 2013 9PM ET / 6PM PT hear punk legend, Tony Kinman.  Tony's bass playing and vocals are well known.  Best known for his bands the Dils, Rank And File. Blackbird and Cowboy Nation (all with his brother, Chip Kinman) and later Los Trendy, he also spent some time playing with the Avengers.  Target caught one such Avengers gig at the Temple Beautiful in black and white video thanks to Joe.  Joe was always there, recording.

Besides The Dils, Blackbird was always one of my favorites.  Brothers Kinman were using drum machines when it was VERY uncool.  KMFDM did a good remix of "Class War" that's well worth checking out not to mention the great cover DOA did of the tune. But I liked them all, RAF in all its various lineups, Los Trendy, and Chip's PCH.

Check out some great links above about Tony and Chip and learn some more! They were covered by many others including the Everly Brothers, Mike Watt (with Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Eddie Vedder on the old Jon Stewart show,) and more.

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