Friday, December 2, 2011

Big Live Punk Show at MOCA in January, 2012

The Avengers/TargetVideo77

X,  the Dead Kennedys and the Avengers will play a one night, "member's only" concert at Geffen/MOCA in downtown LA on January 28, 2012. The show's outside, and January's pretty cold in LA. Let's hope for good weather and a warm coat.  It will be an outstanding night of classic punk!

If you want buy tickets you need to be a member of MOCA, but joining is easy.  

Go to for more details and to buy tickets.  When you click on the buy tickets button they will let you join if you are not already a member.  

The galleries will be open that night and you can check out TargetVideo77's great exhibit in the museum and pieces by others including Mark Pauline and Raymond Pettibon.  Be there!

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