Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Back on Sunday, May 4, 1980, a benefit concert was held for Target at the Savoy Tivoli in SF. The Savoy was always one of my favorite venues. It was a great location to see Crime, the Offs, C'Est La Guerre and the always supportive Mutants. I did posters for the party and the benefit show that was put together to help with our legal bills/defense.

On a lowly Tuesday night (April 15) the Target was hosting the Japanese band, the Plastics, with an afterhours party. The Plastics were on tour in the US and had been in San Francisco for about a week. They'd opened for the Ramones and headlined at the Mab. During the afternoon we interviewed them, collaborating with Damage Magazine, out on the fire escape of the warehouse. My memory is that they didn't speak much English. There was a lot of buzz about them as Devo (who I knew from LA) were fans. This was a period when everyone, including Francis Ford Coppola, was interested in Japan. The Japanese were the cutting edge, particularly with video technology and all things electronic. Everyone was happy about hosting the band that night and glad to have bands showing up from that part of the world.

After the death of mayor Moscone at the hands of the assassin, Dan White, Diane Feinstein became mayor of San Francisco. Things changed almost overnight. The SF of the previous administration was gone, as were it's tolerant attitudes. The Feinstein administration generally sought to crack down on anything independent. So, what else for a new mayor to do on the night of the Plastics party but bust Target with a full on undercover, swat'ish invasion. In the end it was about selling beer without a license. Hey, we sold Buds for a buck. Oh, and I think "running a cabaret without a license."

Long story short, our friends came to our aid and we are forever grateful for that. And, it was a great show! Thanks to Vince Anton for a great photo of the bust.

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