Monday, October 12, 2009

Brendan Mullen RIP

Brendan Mullen R.I.P. October 12, 2008

We received the very sad news earlier today that our good friend, Brendan Mullen, passed away. Always a vociferous scene historian, Brendan was truly the "Mad Scot." He's known for his many, many contributions to L.A's music history, including founding the Masque, booking Club Lingerie, and as the chronicler of L.A. punk history in his various books.

He was also a drummer, recorded for posterity one day (or was it two?) at the Target studio on So. Van Ness. He was playing drums with Geza X and the Mommymen. Brendan and Geza were up for the weekend as was Don Bonebrake, who was up with X. They all played up a storm that day in the studio. We spent all day shooting the Mommymen. As evening fell we sped over to Berkeley to tape X.(The Mommymen opened.)Then it was back for more studio shooting. Those were the days (and nights.)

Brendan is missed by us all. Our heartfelt prayers and love go out to Kiteri and Brendan's family.

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