Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Target Video Rocks the MOCA Crowd

Henry Rollins, Joe Rees & Cliff Roman at the Target Video show at MOCA June 7,2008. Photo by Jackie Sharp

Thanks to everyone who came down to Geffen/MOCA on Saturday night! It was a great show that kicked off with 2 hours of great classics from back-in-the-day provided by Henry Rollins. It was cool to hear such clean versions of the music.

The crowd of 1200 was totally enthusiastic about the cavalcade of videos from Target that flowed for the next 2 hours. We'd love to hear from you which your favorites were. Well, we have an idea, but tell us anyway!

Don't know if anyone knew the shirts were for sale in the store. You can still pick one up.

Next show is at the Pacific Film Archive at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley on Thursday, June 19. Be there!


  1. This is a cool site. I will visit again :)

  2. Come back to Europe, Target!

    Or barring that, start releasing your archives into the wild via BitTorrent...