Thursday, May 10, 2007

Target Video Feature Documentary

Target Video Press Kit art by Joe Rees

Target Video is creating a feature length documentary covering our work with scores of bands during the 1970's and 1980's. The documentary (working title, "Underground Forces") will cover the diverse San Francisco music and art scene as well as our work with bands from the West Coast, the UK and Europe. It was an exciting time to document!


  1. i cant wait for this fucking gem! i hope theres a good line-up of bands, common and obscure. nervous gender, negative trend, f-word, screamers, factrix, & so many others. any idea as to when this monster and flipper dvd will come out? i really have my eyes on flipper.

  2. are ever going to see it

  3. Hi!!! are you still working as Target video producers??

    hey, watch my target-video-like work from Spain:

    Do you think we could work together some way??? i´m fan of you are style, i think it should continue. I´m ready to do it. Write to me please:

    Seee you!